Women, Conflict, and Peace

Learning from Kismayo

‘Increasing Women’s Participation and Inclusion in Jubbaland Peace Processes: Learning from Kismayo’ examines the gendered dynamics of inter-clan conflict in Kismayo, Somalia, and in particular the role of women in processes of violence and peace. The study report forms an exciting contribution to understanding the ways in which violence in Somalia is constructed and promoted, and prompts questions around long-held assumptions on the position of women in relation to this violence. The findings also highlight pathways for practical action to promote greater participation by women in peace processes, both in Somalia and in conflict-affected states more broadly.

The publication come from the Life & Peace Institute, in partnership with Peace Direct and the Somali Women Solidarity Organization, with the support of the Swedish International Development Agency and the European Union.

The study report is accompanied by a set of ‘Life Stories‘ – deep, introspective narratives provided by six of the individual women that took part in the research. These provide a complementary human grounding to the study

Click link https://life-peace.org/resource/learning-from-kismayo



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