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Our Core Values



We strive for higher standards of quality and effectiveness to achieve greater impact



We affirm the dignity, potential contribution of all stakeholders and community at large.

Accountability and transparency

Accountability and transparency

We commit to be accountable and be held to account by all stakeholders more so the communities we serve. We are honest and transparent in what we do, say and accept responsibility.

Commitment and cooperation

Commitment and cooperation

We strive for higher standards of quality and effectiveness to achieve greater impact

Our Services

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Peace promotion

Training and information sharing for Daawo Women Peace Platform at Dollow by SWSO and funded by LPI


Conflict Resolution

Kismayo Women Peace Platformwith support from the Police Commissioner mediating between two clans

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The most important thing to have in the world is a peaceful place that anyone can thrive without fear of prejudice and SWSO is committed to.

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Unity is strength and unity of purpose is what brings people together to work towards a common goal, we therefore encourage theSomali people

Our Projects

FUNDED BY peace direct

Village Saving and Lending Association (VSLA), which was started late last year in partnership with Peace Direct.

FUNDED BY Saferworld

Restoring Stable Communities in Somalia, which was launched in early April 2017 through our partnership with Saferworld


Strengthening women’s participation in peace building, which was launched in Kismayo, Somalia in May 2016 


GIZ commissioned a rapid market survey on processed milk products and businesses in Kismayo. With support from GIZ, 

Our partners