The meeting was held at Beder Hotel, Jowhar that was planned for three days, it get started on 5th Jan 2020 and ended on the 7th Jan 2020. Community attendees were as follows;

  • Minister for State and Human Rights for Hirshabelle state Hon Saadia Mohamed Buris,
  •  Deputy Governor of the Middle Shebelle Region and Acting Governor,
  • Jowhar District Commissioner,
  •  Chairman of the Regional women’s Organization and the Chairman of Jowhar District Women’s Organizations,
  • Peacemaking Committees Jowhar,
  • District Dispute Resolution Committees,
  •  Cooperation and Negotiation Committees among the people and the police,
  • Truths and Investigation Committees,
  • Women, Traditional elders and Youths.

Women Peace facilitators in Jawhar (Tubtanabada) who were previously trained by SWSO with the help of LPI facilitated and invited SWSO representatives to offer a brief summary and probe about the essence of the meeting towards the various institutions that were invited and attended the meeting.

SWSO appreciated the entire participants for their quick response in availing themselves on time for the planned meeting, she briefly discussed and makes the participants get understand the essence and the aim of the meeting, and highlighted the need to have more women in political participation and likewise promotion of peace and unity in the region especially the women sectors. It pointed the efforts SWSO invested in the past by training five women   from Jowhar in Mogadishu with the support of LPI in order for them to promote peace and persuade women in political participation which is a significant role in women’s Political representation and peace building initiatives, she emphasised the need to have a serious concern on women’s unity and work on peace building initiatives. She congratulated all the participants for their warm welcome and insisted to further discuss and exchange ideas in the course of the meeting.

Thereafter, women participants presented songs, poems and traditional dances in which they express their feelings and motivating the entire participants to seriously set a way forward in strengthening the peace processes and political participation in women’s in the region.

Proposed outcome in the meeting reads as follows;

  • Women empowerment in all the states of Somalia and political participation
  • We appeal upon all somalia people wherever they are to forgive each other and restore their dignity and honor they had before.
  • All Women’s in the region have to work for peace and stability in somalia .
  • We call  a general conference for all Somali women to talk about their destiny and how they can play an important role in politics,
  • Somali women should form a unified umbrella to talk about their role.
  • Called  for the national and state politicians to agree on a peaceful solution
  • Appealed for the launch of a consultative program which was termed as Peace Travel in all the other states of Somalia for mobilization.

Proposed outcome in the meeting reads as follows;

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