‘’Died for you, died from thee and hell is long enough for you”

A peace walk procession (nonviolent action)was held in kismayo on 5th February 2020 against inter clan conflict that has been ongoing in the outskirts of kismayo. The procession started from Kismayo peace garden to waxsan dhale building. The activity was organized by SWSO and government officials to protest war in order to show solidarity with all people in jubbaland and demonstrate at grassroot, the two clans collided on issues mostly based on land and water wells. The conflict has affected people where the supply of milk and meat to town have subsided as the two clans conflicting are pastoralists.

Since the issue of the conflicts was escalating and the fear for it to extend widely was highly expected, the Civil society, Kismayo women peace, women groups, Religious leaders and youths held a peaceful demonstrations in Kismayo town where a multitude of people came out and closed their businesses to convey a message of peace and stop further deaths among the two clans that were fighting in a span of two weeks, carrying logos that portrays messages of peace

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