Swso conducted the regular Bi-weekly meeting for the seven Community Action Forums (CAFs) in Kismayo neighborhoods. The CAFs are selected from the neighborhoods Alanley, Shaqalaha, Fanole, Gulwade, Farjano and midnimo respectively. Each CAF consists of twenty members 10 men and 10 women. These community members is inclusive of village heads, youth, Women, marginalize groups, religion leaders, IDPs and returnees.
The major roles of the community action Forums is: To create positive relations between the community and police, to solve and reduce domestic violence. To solve and reduce land dispute recurrences. To advocate the eliminations of drug substances. The CAFs have a Bi-weekly meeting which is conducted twice a month and the objective of this meetings is to share reports relating to Land dispute, Domestic violence and general community safety and security which is areas of activities they work on to strengthened the community relations with police and safety at large.



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