SWSO in partnership with LPI established a women’s peace platform in 2016 on women’s participation in peacebuilding projects in Jubbaland and they are still working up to date. Women’s platforms that we established in Jubaland play an extremely important peacebuilding role. When local disputes cannot be dealt with autonomously, local peacebuilding groups including platform members are relied upon to prevent escalation. They have been the primary actors in developing conflict resolution mechanisms, and communities depend on them to establish trust during dispute processes.

On 20th May 2021, Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe has announced his full cabinet ministers after months of internal wrangles, which saw him delay in forming a unitary government, following a disagreement with local political actors.

Athar with help of other platform members SWSO/LPI established in Jubaland played an essential role in advocating women’s participation in the peacebuilding and the decision-making process. The president rewarded Athar for her voluntary work of advocating women empowerment and peacebuilding in Jubaland and Somalia.



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