Commitment to resolving disputes and finding lasting solutions is a pillar to Peace and stability. Any society that comes to an agreement on any dispute between them is bound to achieve lasting peace, development and social integration.

Wamo Community Action Forum (WCAF) in recognition of the importance of peace in the community, has, after a long struggle, resolved a dispute between IDPs living in the Jabril and Mana Mufo camps.

These displaced families have been embroiled in a series of disputes over water from tankers and have resulted gradiences and also injuries.

WAMO Committee Action Forum, trained by SWSO to resolve conflict and disputes in the community have heard about the plight of the IDP families, reached Jabril and Mana Mufo camps to discussed with the families and the Committee of the two camps so that to know the root of the cause, solve it and reached a genuine agreement.

Finally, a decision was made to set up a Dispute Resolution Committee for the families of the camps who will also Work closely with Wamo CAF if the matter need third party to be present before the case reach to the low enforcement unit.

The chairman of Wamo CAF, Jamal Abdi Hussein, who spoke with the formed committees and the families who attended the Meeting spoke about the importance of Peace and living cohesion between the families of the two camps.

The leaders of the Jabril and Mana Mufo camps welcomed the committee’s efforts to resolve the dispute and the formation of the Dispute Resolution Committee (DRS) and promised that they will work with the Committee.

Finally, CAF Wamo Committee, the DRC and some of the camp residents jointly watched a football tournament held by CAF WAMO for the youth of the neighborhoods to further strengthen the peace, love and the integration of the youth from the two Camps.

Photo Credit : Africa


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