Somali Women Solidarity Organization (SWSO) in partnership with SAFERWORLD Installed solar street lights in some neighborhoods around Kismayo.They were installed on roads, Publicly shared spaces and small Market areas. The assessment and identifaction on areas requiring the installation was done by Kismayo Community Action Forum (CAF).The locations that were identified for the LED lights are seen being suitable because community engagement is high at day and night time.
These solar Led street lights Made it easier for the Community to maneuver through dark neighborhoods, Support businesses and improves social ties especially in more isolated areas. The solar lights reduced insecurity threats i.e. theft and assaults that was common at night in these identified areas.

The Community leaders in the villages where the solar lights were installed appreciated a lot and asked for more support for remote areas in the villages of Kismayo. The business women and Men also mentioned that their business never operated at night reason being the darkness of the location at night.
In this year 2020, Somali Women Solidarity Women (SWSO) have manged installing 32 Solar Led lights in Kismayo Town with the support of their partner SAFERWORLD .



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