Organizational context

Somali Women Solidarity Organization is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) which was formed in 2006 and subsequently registered with the Somali Federal Government as well as the Department of Administration and Social Services of Jubba Administration. SWSO is currently implementing Restoring Stable Community Programme in Kismayo in partnership with Saferworld. The organization is looking for a consultant would facilitate, review and draft land law policy of Jubbaland State of Somalia in close collaboration with the Ministry of public works and housing of Jubbaland state of Somalia.

2. Objectives of the facilitation & Input of land law act
The objective of this consultancy is to review land law act and to facilitate a three day workshop with different stakeholders and input their feedback into the draft land law act.

3. Overview of the facilitation and input of the land law act
Somali women solidarity organization, (SWSO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works in jubbaland will organize three days stakeholders meeting in Kismaayo to input citizen feedback into the draft law.

4. Methodology

  • The consultant will review the land law and present to the stakeholders during the workshop.
  • The consultant will facilitate the workshop and provide guidance for the participants in a participatory manner and lead the discussions.
  • Taking notes from participants contributions, collect all the ideas and changes, recommendations from the participants to input into the draft law after the workshop
  • Give ample time for each section of the draft law and keenly observe the time and avoid wastage of time.
  • Submit the final draft law incorporated the participant feedback to SWSO and the Ministry of Public Works with track changes on the new changes and inputs

5. Deliverables
 The consultant is required to deliver the following task and not limit to:

  • Facilitate the discussion on different stakeholders for the -land law act reviewing process
  • Notes from the discussions during the review process
  • Revised land law act incorporated with the inputs from the stakeholders

6. Consultancy period

The consultancy period is ten days and expected to begin in late November or early December.

7. Key competencies

  • Good facilitation skills and moderation
  • Excellent note-taking
  • Good compiling of the peoples’ contributions and inputting the law
  • Improved well the draft land law act  with people input and your expertise

8. REPORTING The consultant will report to the Ministry of Public Works and SWSO ARC program manager.


  •  Bachelor’s degree in  BSC, in Law from a credible institution
  • Previous experience in similar exercise is an added value
  • Five (5) good years of professional work experience of law and advocate related work

10. PAYMENT MODALITIES The payment will be made to the consultant as stipulated in the contract agreement within five (5) working days after satisfactory completion of all deliverables. Payment will be done within 5 working days after receipt of invoice from the consultant

11. Application submission process

  • Interested candidates should submit their application and suitability for this role by not later than 1st Dec 2020 to
  • Individuals or firms meeting the above requirements are encouraged to submit the following documents by email with the subject “Facilitation and Inputting the land law act”:
  • An updated capability statement (for firms) or an updated CV (for individuals) with details of referees for both; and
  • Financial Proposal that indicates the price per day in US$.




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